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Own Your Own Dance Studio In Arizona!


Dear Future Studio Owners,

We’re pleased to share details about one of the most exciting and rewarding business opportunities in the United States and around the world – partnering with the Fred Astaire Dance Studios team!

Since 1947, when Mr. Fred Astaire co-founded our company, Fred Astaire Dance Studios has been a successful worldwide name, identified with dance excellence. Mr. Astaire himself was instrumental in creating the exclusive ballroom dance curriculum and instructional method, to ensure that his dancing techniques would be preserved and passed on to the public. Using these unsurpassed training and certification programs, our mission has always been to share the joy of lifelong dance as a tool to inspire, renew and empower our students, instructors, staff and communities!

Today, our dance studio franchise system is always expanding, with over 30 studios in cities throughout Arizona and many, many more worldwide! Fred Astaire Dance Studios continue to maintain the highest standards of excellence through the FADS curriculum and our Fred Astaire Dance Board affiliation.

We consistently support every Franchisees’ success and growth, in several important ways:

  • First, we are committed to partnering with the most qualified individuals. We welcome a variety of franchise owner profiles into our network – dancers and instructors, current independent studio owners, and business people in general. Our process of recruiting, vetting and training helps ensure a growing, successful franchise comprised of studio owners with the work ethic and motivation that’s necessary to create a long-term, successful business.
  • Second, we provide each Fred Astaire Dance Studio owner with the tools, training and ongoing support they need, to create a successful entrepreneurial business. This support, coupled with your own spirit, focus and determination can set you on a course for the most exciting and rewarding endeavor of your life!

Becoming part of Fred Astaire Dance Studios is a tremendous opportunity for anyone who wants to enhance their income while improving lives through the joy of lifelong dancing. Email us today or call at 414-305-6759 to take your first step towards a secure and rewarding future!

Thank you for your interest – we look forward to hearing from you!


Albina A. Habrle, Head Coordinator of Fred Astaire Arizona