Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studio Advantages

Advantages of the Fred Astaire Dance Studio Franchise Program

Our recognized brand and decades of experience are yours to leverage, from the day you join us as a Fred Astaire Dance Studio Franchise Owner! Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios offer a complete curriculum of professional business resources – including management, training, marketing and development, designed to keep your studio at the forefront in the dance industry — and in your community as a whole.

Whether you currently own an independent dance school and are looking to move up to the next level, you have a passion for dance but have never run a studio business, or you have business experience but don’t know the dance world, we provide support tools and guidance to assist you in all the important aspects of operating your dance school franchise:

  • Instant trade name recognition
  • Assistance with site selection through analysis of area demographics, local competition, and location characteristics; plus tips on build-out, layout, décor, and other key details to help you convey the Fred Astaire Dance Studios brand appropriately in your studio
  • Pre-opening classroom training at our corporate offices, covering enrollment procedures, customer service, start-up budgeting, marketing, and more
  • Our comprehensive studio opening kit encompassing a full suite of confidential business manuals covering studio operations, training and teaching techniques, new student and staff development, and other key business functions. Additionally, our unique dance curriculum along with access to our exclusive branded materials including brochures, cards, stationery, banners, certificates, on-hold music, and a variety of other specialized items
  • Training on the use of our enrollment system and how it helps our students understand the value of continued dance instruction and education
  • The use of our proprietary Trophy System Training, plus exclusive multi-media dance curriculum packages and charts for all levels of students, and the ability to participate in our regional and national events and competitions
  • Exclusive access to the Fred Astaire National Dance Board for qualification of staff, and the coaching, judging, and examination of students
  • Field marketing guidance from Area Developers, to help you determine appropriate local advertising expenditures, develop plans to promote your studio in the local community, and help optimize enrollment and retention rates
  • A host of marketing resources, including a complete studio website (easy to customize, with hosting, SEO and maintenance included), professional branded images (for email, web, social media and print advertising),  bi-weekly QuickSTEP staff emails, and more.
  • Ongoing assistance through business training seminars, video training series, remote support by mail, telephone or Internet, periodic business planning meetings to set goals, discuss enrollment capacity, and more; plus system-wide informational reports, newsletters, calendars, and directories

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