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Fred Astaire Dance Studio Testimonials

The amazing instructors have helped me come along way for a a guy with 2 left feet and no rhythm. I enjoy every moment of my lessons.
-Ryan Fox

-Bonnie Lynn Mulroy

Joining the Fred Astaire family has truly been one of the best decisions of my life. Every time I go in for a group class or private lesson I have more fun than if I was to go to a theme park. Not only is the staff there amazing but the students are as well. Each of the teachers really knows what they’re doing and they’re always improving themselves that way they can better teach you. The teachers treat you like family so it’s a great learning environment. My fellow students are also amazing and every single one of them treats each other like family so I know I’m going to have a great time at the studio.
-Jose Roberto Hernandez

I started taking lessons at Fred Astaire FWB in Jan, 2012 and have loved it ever since. The instructors and other students are so friendly and have always encouraged me. With free group classes and socials for students there’s something to do every day of the week just about. With all the activities you can’t help but make new friends. Most of my current friends I hang out with on a regular basis are fellow students. For me it’s more than just an activity or hobby to do each week, but an opportunity to meet and grow with a group of like minded people that you can call friends in the end
-Jimmy Stewart

I came to the studio as a self taught hip-hop dancer, or ‘street dancer’ for lack of a better term. I walked in the studio not really knowing if they even had anything that i would enjoy, much less accept me as a dancer. Not only did they welcome me with open arms, they applauded the skills i already had and helped me sharpen them. Then i started branching out in to other styles. To things i never thought i could do. Fred Astaire has helped me fall in love with dance all over again
-Christopher Clemmons

Going to Fred Astaire in Ft. Walton Beach has been such a life changing experience, I have been able to travel and compete, make friends, learn so many new things, and be a part of an amazing family. My adventures with the studio have turned my entire world around for the better.Truly has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.
-Olivia Williams

I decided randomly a year and a half ago to try out Fred Astaire in Fort Walton Beach. Little did I know that it would impact my life in so many ways. It has given me more confidence, helped me meet some of my personal health and fitness goals, and build a great friend/dance family, and so much more. I LOVE every minute that I am there and love my instructors! I look forward to the end of work everyday so that I can be there!
-Janelle King

Deciding to take ballroom lessons with Fred Astaire more than a year ago has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made: I’ve lost some weight and found some new friends, and I enjoy every moment of my lessons.
-Michael Materese

Dance has changed my life for the better. I took a chance one day and tried it; I first walked into the studio not knowing how to dance, having 2 left feet and having no confidence in myself. Thanks to the amazing instructors and coaches I’ve been able to grow not only as a person but as an great dancer. I’ve done 2 competitions and I’ve won top bronze male student at them. I’m really happy I took a chance one day, and took a lesson. I’ve met so many great people along the way of this journey I’ve been on that I’ve become close to many people I consider family. So thank you to Fred Astaire FWB and Destin to help me along this journey I’ve been on.
-Matthew Amason