Ballroom Classes Tucson AZ

Ballroom classes Tucson AZ now available at Fred Astaire Dance Studio!  Build confidence, poise, and enhance your creative expression, grow in teamwork skills and have a super fun time learning to dance!  If you’ve ever wanted to feel the extra courage when out at the clubs or at a special event, ballroom classes Tucson AZ at Fred Astaire is where you will get the attention and certified instructors to guide you.  Learn a wide variety of dances, or focus on a few of your favorites. The key to adding new skills and advancing in proficiency, is structure and joy as you explore the ballroom moves to increase endurance, balance and coordination. Style and great posture naturally grow as you learn from our professional instructors in a supportive, relaxed atmosphere.  Enhance your social options as you learn the popular Country Two-Step, Salsa, Waltz, Tango, Fox Trot, Swing and many other styles.  Learn to be a beautiful dancer with elegance and self-assurance while you are out with friends, or at weddings and special events.  Master ballroom dance basic steps or advance all the way to professional competitions if you choose.  The sky is the limit and Fred Astaire Dance Studios can accommodate all levels, from very beginner to the most advanced dancer.  We would love to meet you!  Come visit the studio and learn how a lively, enjoyable environment can contribute to an enjoyable learning experience for students at any level. Fred Astaire Dance Studio is now offering ballroom classes Tucson AZ.