Ballroom Dance Studio Tucson AZ


So you’re looking to have some fun and dance. Fred Astaire Ballroom Dance Studio in Tucson AZ is the place you want to be. Thousands of men and women across the country have learned to dance in Fred Astaire Dance Studios. Now Tucsonians will have a new location (Grand Opening Dec. 2014) to enjoy themselves and learn to ballroom dance. Our certified dance instructors have spent many years perfecting the methods which enables you to learn quickly and easily. We are sure that you, too, will find it amazingly simple, fast and fun. You will get a thrill out of learning to dance at our state of the art Ballroom Dance Studio Tucson AZ.

Ballroom Dance Studio Tucson AZWe offer dance classes in a unique formats that are customized to you, allowing you to reinforce prior lessons with a structured review to build confidence in your dancing experience from week to week.

Elegance, style and confidence are yours in return for learning to dance. As you learn to dance, at our Ballroom Dance Studio in Tucson AZ, you will enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction that dancing offers. Moreover, others will find the same satisfaction in dancing with you.

If you are interested in dancing with us at our Ballroom Dance Studio in Tucson AZ, please sign up using our online contact form or call us.