Ballroom Dancing Tucson AZ


Looking for a dance studio to learn or practice ballroom dancing in Tucson AZ? Fred Astaire Dance Studio has group classes and practice sessions that help people from all walks of life to become confident on the dance floor. Dancing has never been more fun!

Fred Astaire dance instructors are specially trained and certified and can put you in touch with today’s most popular dances to make you a comfortable social dancer or a competitive dancer. The choice is yours and we’ll help you achieve it because each lesson is taught step-by- step at your own pace.  Ballroom Dancing in Tucson AZ is all the rave. People have enhanced their social life by learning to dance quickly and easily at Fred Astaire Dance Studio!

There are Fred Astaire Dance Studios all over the United States. Now we are back in Tucson, and will be opening our doors in December, with an all new state of the art facility. We want you experience Ballroom Dancing in Tucson AZ.  Sign up today and enjoy your group or private lessons.