Ballroom Dancing Tucson Press Release Grand Opening


Contact: Marie Corso

Company: Fred Astaire Dance Studio

Address: 4811 E Grant Rd, #151 Tucson AZ 85712


Fred Astaire Dance Studio Announces Grand Opening of a New Studio

Fred Astaire Dance Studio is proud to announce the grand opening of its new studio in Tucson, AZ this coming December 2014. The new dance studio follows the same standards of excellence implemented in all Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios to produce professional dancers who will carry on the style and grace of the studio’s co-founder, Mr. Fred Astair.

Anyone can speak his mind through the rendition of a certain dance. The beat of the music, the power of body movements and the whole impact on how it’s expressed is definitely strong that a person watching another individual dance can be greatly affected as well. That’s if he can gracefully and explicitly show it through his body movements. This is where the significance of ballroom dance class comes in.

Fred Astaire Dance Studio implements the curriculum and dance education approach designed by Fred Astaire himself. The studio’s Fred Astaire Trophy System gives students a convenient means to track their progress and enjoy learning at the same time. World-renowned registered judges and dance champions continuously review and study the curriculum to ensure that only the best, latest programs are offered to students.  With instructors hailing from around the world bringing their own perspective and presence to the studio, students are given the personal attention they need to achieve their dancing goals. The studio’s certified, professional instructors are continuously improving their own skills to give students the best education they can get.  Fred Astaire Dance Studio focuses on one-on-one dance instruction. With a personalized approach that lets them design a program for every student, no two lessons will be the same and no two students will learn the same. The studio also has group classes, which serve as a valuable supplement to their private lessons. Combining the wide range of subjects taught in group classes with the personalized attention they receive on their lessons, students will learn quicker and get the chance to interact and meet other students.

The new dance studio in Tucson, AZ is part of Fred Astaire Dance Studio’s efforts to create a chain of studios to ensure that Fred Astaire’s techniques would be conserved and delivered to the public. 

Fred Astaire Dance Studio was co-founded by Fred Astaire, a multitalented dancer who was actively involved in the selection of instructional techniques and dance curriculum taught in the studio. From the opening of the first studio on Park Avenue, New York City, Fred Astaire Dance Studio has already established several chains that continue to showcase Fred Astaire’s talent and passion for dancing.