Dance Studio Tucson AZ

At Fred Astaire Dance Studio we offer lessons in Ballroom, Social, Waltz, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Latin, Country Western and many more! Depending upon your requirements Dance Studio Tucson AZ also provides you different levels of attention and guidance. So, if you are just beginning to learn the art, the certified professionals at Fred Astaire Tucson provide group lessons at very affordable prices. This will not only assist you  in taking graceful steps on the dance floor, but also helps you to do so with immense  confidence in front of a group. By joining the lessons, you can dance like a professional in no time. The process of learning this art doesn’t end here. For the people who have chosen dancing as their profession or want to polish their skills for an upcoming competition Dance Studio Tucson AZ offers private classes as well. The experts here would ensure that you get the adequate attention to enhance your skills and learn new aspects of the particular dance form. If you are planning to participate in a dance competition, you may have just found for yourself the right destination to hone your skills.

As the Fred Astarie Dance Studio Tucson AZ makes its grand opening this December, the experts here call out to you to listen to your heart and start dancing. As we gear up to provide you with the perfect dancing experience, shed your inhibitions and sign up for the dance class that you promised yourself to take years ago. We assure you that once we help you to take the initial steps; it will end up becoming your way of staying healthy, youthful and happy. With this promise we hope to see you when we open our doors, December 15, 2014.