Finding the Right Ballroom Dance Shoes

Footwear plays an important part during any dance; the right footwear allows dancers to move safely, enhancing each step while reducing slips and falls. Ballroom dance shoes should be light, fitted, and flexible, allowing dancers to move easily across the floor. Keep reading for a few helpful tips you can use to find the perfect shoes for your next ballroom dance class in Tucson.

Buy Your Shoes in Person

With the advent of online shopping, it may be tempting to buy your ballroom dance shoes online. However, even with accurate images and sizing charts, it’s impossible to get the right fit when ordering shoes you’ve never seen or worn. The very best way to select the right shoes for you is to visit a store in person and try on several pairs to get a feel for their fit and flexibility. Make sure to walk—and even dance—several steps in any shoes you try on before making your final decision.

Use Fitting Aids

Once you’ve found a pair of ballroom dance shoes with the best fit, you may still need help adjusting them to suit your foot exactly. Products such as metatarsal pads and heel grip liners hold your foot properly in the shoe to avoid slipping or blistering. You can stretch shoes that are snug with traditional shoe stretchers, or use a cylindrical bottle to create a more comfortable fit.

Consider the Color

Like everyday footwear, ballroom dance shoes are available in a variety of colors. A woman’s first shoes should be nude, which can be worn with any color dress; similarly, men should choose black shoes to match the widest variety of dancewear.

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