It’s Wedding Season: Learn How to Dance!

wedding-dance-lessons-tucson-azIt is traditional for the bride and groom to share a first dance before anyone else hits the floor at their wedding reception. If you and your fiancé feel uncomfortable about performing in front of your friends and family, it might be time to sign up for dance lessons in Tucson:

Start Early

The longer you give yourself to go to dance lessons, the better you will be on your wedding day. If you have the time, it might be a good idea to start attending your dance lessons about six months before your wedding. This gives you the chance to try out a variety of styles so you can find out what feels most comfortable to you.

Choose Your Dance Style

As you start to work with your dance instructor, you and your fiancé can decide what kind of dance you want to do at your wedding. If you want a slow, romantic dance, you might want to learn the steps to the waltz. If you want something more up-tempo, though, think about doing the foxtrot. Sensual dances like the tango will definitely capture the attention of your audience.

Practice, Practice, and Practice Again

Take advantage of your time in the dance studio by practicing as much as possible. You and your betrothed should feel comfortable and confident with all of the movements. The more that you practice under the watchful eyes of the instructor, the better you will be once you get on the dance floor at your wedding reception venue.

Whether you are learning to dance for your wedding or you just want more rhythm in your life, Fred Astaire Dance Studio is here for you. Our experienced instructors will walk you through all of the steps until you can do the dance confidently on your own. To learn more about our dance lessons or to sign up for your first class, visit us online or call (520) 300-5490.