Social Dis-Dance-Ing With Our Group Classes!

Let’s get to know each other again.

We’ve stayed home, we’ve worn masks, we’ve interacted at a respectable six-foot distance for the sake of safety. None of that is any reason we cannot socialize, meet new people and enjoy our favorite activity – dancing… of course – while being safe.

Our suggestion to one and all: Group ballroom dance instruction.

In group dance classes, we can maintain social distancing  and still get all the benefits of dance. Groups allow us to learn with friends new and old while enjoying the opportunity to mingle in a prudent fashion.

Group dance classes offers all of dance’s benefits – exercise, stress reduction, the company of like-minded folks, a creative outlet – in an environment where your safety remains paramount.

Do you like Country Western line dancing? That’s our Wednesday group class. Never tried it? Don’t wait a day longer. Friday is Latin Night. Spice up your evening with such dances as merengue, salsa and bachata. Come on, let’s have some fun.

For the sake of safety:

  • We have deep cleaned and disinfected the studio and have instituted periodic chemical sanitizations with “Enviro-shield.”
  • We have upgraded our ventilation system to maximize studio air quality by increasing filtration, reducing recirculation, and continuously treating air with intense UV.
  • Movement through the studio from entrance through exit will take social distancing into account and will be orchestrated by your instructor. Surfaces will be wiped down after each lesson to keep common surfaces virus-free.

Join us in the studio for group dance classes. There’s still a world out there and you should be part of it.