Tucson Ballroom Dance Lessons


Have you been looking for Tucson ballroom dance lessons?  Fred Astaire Dance Studio is the place to come!  Ballroom dancing is easy, fun and you can do it!!  We specialize in teaching all levels according to proven methods that layer the dancing concepts so that you will become a confident, beautiful dancer.  Aside from footwork, there are wonderful tidbits to learn such as styling, partnership and posture.  We would love to share our passion for dance with you and get you moving and feeling amazing as you learn new ways to enjoy music and all the benefits that ballroom dancing provides.  When looking into various Tucson ballroom dance lesson choices, be sure to come in and check out our state of the art facility and meet our warm and friendly staff.  We love people and love teaching dance!

Our professionally trained instructors can teach a variety of dances from something as smooth as a waltz or a foxtrot to something as fast paced as the rumba or the cha cha. No matter what level you are, our instructors will make sure that you feel at ease and relaxed. More importantly, they will make sure that you are having fun as you learn! Imagine being able to step out onto the dance floor and amaze your friends as you dance with confidence, grace, and poise to any kind of music that is being played. The search is over for Tucson ballroom dance lessons! You need not look any further than right here at Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Tucson.