Tucson Ballroom Dance Studio

ballroom-dance-studio-tucson-az-3Fred Astaire is a full service Tucson Ballroom Dance Studio that offers instruction on private and group levels. Our mission is to provide the highest quality classes and teach you how to dance in an easy and fun manner. Learn Ballroom, social, waltz, foxtrot, tango, salsa, swing and much more in a private or group setting.


Since its inception, Fred Astaire Dance Studio has earned the outstanding reputation of being one of the finest institutions of dance education in Tucson. Known locally and throughout the state and country as a high end, elite training center for both recreational and aspiring professionals. Fred Astaire classes, certified instructors, and studio operations are specifically geared toward bringing local dancers and families a truly exceptional education and experience. Our Tucson ballroom dance studio has a state or the art floating dance floor, sound system and other amenities to provide you with an amazing dance setting.

Fred Astaire has quickly become a Tucson Ballroom Dance Studio that people recognize as the industry leader, due in large part to its commitment to a fun, exciting atmosphere and state of the art dance facility while at the same time providing superior training, has directly resulted in an extraordinarily devoted following of aspiring dancers and families throughout the greater Tucson areas.

Fred Astaire Dance Studio Tucson is not specialized in one dance form or another but rather, excels in all disciplines. Enroll in classes at Fred Astaire, Tucson Ballroom Dance Studio, and see what the local community is raving about.