Tucson Ballroom Dance Studios

Tucson-Ballroom-Dance-StudiosIt’s getting to be that time of year again when LOVE is in the air and Tucson ballroom dance studios teach you how to dance with flair!   Fred Astaire Dance Studio Tucson is here for you. Would you like to impress someone with your poise and skill, or perfect a special dance for your wedding? Here at Fred Astaire Dance Studio Tucson we specialize in teaching ballroom dance to all ages and skill levels. By taking lessons, you can finesse your current skills or add dances to your repertoire so that you’re able to dance to more styles of music and truly feel confident on the dance floor with any partner. Dancing with your special someone adds to the romance of date night and keeps your connection strong.

Tucson ballroom dance studios teach many different styles of dance. You can learn the sensual Rumba, the flirtatious Cha-Cha, or the Brazilian Samba which is the perfect party dance!  Feel like a prince or princess on your wedding day by learning to dance the Waltz for your special day. Fred Astaire Dance Studio Tucson offers personalized wedding packages for a bride and groom spotlight dance, father-daughter dances, as well as preparing your wedding party with a unique group lesson.

Be ready to do the Swing or the Salsa for your springtime parties or vacations by signing up today for lessons!  Feel the exhilaration and fun of developing your skill and technique in a supportive and fun atmosphere. Fred Astaire Tucson will customize a program uniquely designed for you to become a beautiful, confident dancer. Become the dancer you dream of by learning from Fred Astaire Dance Studio, the newest of Tucson ballroom dance studios.