Tucson Ballroom Dance

If you’ve been looking for Tucson ballroom dance facilities; Fred Astaire is the place for you!  Stop in to see our beautiful studio and meet our wonderful staff. We can guide you through your first dance as a married couple, and help you to feel beautiful, confident and at ease on the social dance floor.  Whatever your dance ambition is, whether you want to compete or just looking for a hobby, Fred Astaire Tucson will make sure that you reach it.

Picture your next event or social night out as one where you are poised, graceful and can dance to any kind of music being played!  Our instructors are trained professionals whose goal is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed while experiencing the many benefits that ballroom dancing provides. You can enhance your fitness as well by learning new ways to move and meet new friends in the process.  No partner required!  Watch as other areas of your life change as you gain confidence, stamina, and improved posture.

Learn different styles of dance such as the waltz, rumba, swing, mambo, and many more!  Experience the best of Tucson ballroom dance here at Fred Astaire.  Discover how much fun you can have while advancing with confidence in your dancing skills.  Learn more than patterns and steps, be taught in a professional studio that encourages and supports you no matter what level dancer you are.  We are committed to enhancing your current dance knowledge while challenging you to grow.  Stop in to see our beautiful Fred Astaire Tucson ballroom dance facility and start to dream again!