Why Dance Can Pull You out of Depression

fred-astaire-dance-studio-fitnessThe term “depression” refers to intense and often debilitating feelings of sadness and despondence that can have long-term effects on physical and mental health. As medical and scientific understanding of depression and its causes improves, new and more effective ways of treatment have emerged. Dance is a social and physical activity that has broad benefits for mental and physical health—in many cases, dance activities can also be an effective part of a comprehensive depression treatment and mental health maintenance plan.

Social Interaction

Dance is, by nature, a social activity. Depression and loneliness are closely linked; thus, finding a social activity where you feel comfortable and supported is a positive step toward overcoming depression. Dance lessons allow you to express your feelings and emotions in a positive and safe environment; classes also encourage social interaction through the development of teacher-student and peer relationships.

Physical Exercise

Your physical wellbeing plays an important role in your mental health. Physical exercise boosts metabolism and mood, helping you to feel better about yourself and encouraging a more positive outlook on life. Dance offers an excellent physical workout that is fun, creative, and challenging. The simple action of moving your body throughout your dance class can have far-reaching effects in terms of better health, improved sleep quality, and higher energy levels.


Participating in dance lessons is a wonderful way to build self-confidence, which can help to combat the negative feelings that often accompany depression. As dance students progress, they learn improved coordination, achieve a more positive body image, and can physically measure accomplishments as new dance styles and moves are mastered.

Fred Astaire Dance Studio is the perfect place to learn new dance moves and enjoy yourself in a comfortable and supportive setting. We invite you to learn more about our dance lessons in Tucson on our website, where you’ll find details about the wide variety of dance styles we teach, including tango, swing, and Viennese waltz. You can reach us by phone at (520) 300-5490 to schedule dance lessons today.