AJ started his Ballroom Dance career at the age of five. He was born in a dancing family – his dad, mother, uncle – everyone in his family was a champion ballroom dancer: “So I did not have any choice,” AJ recalls with a big smile on his face.

He became an All-Ukrainian Latin and Ballroom Champion at the age of 12. Since then, he has been collecting gold medals from numerous National and International Ballroom Tournaments around the World. At the age of 21, he passed an examination to become an International Judge.

Even though AJ thinks his coaching career started too early (he was 15 y.o.), it allowed him to spend a lot of time learning the art of being an inspiring, knowledgeable, and patient teacher.

AJ’s real name is Alexander (or Sasha), but, to avoid confusion stemming from having the same name as one of our other staff members, he took the American name “AJ” (Alexander Junior).

AJ is very happy to become a part of the Fred Astaire Greensboro Team and is looking forward to making it even stronger.