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Junior Classes  for the 2023-2024 School Year (and something for the parents, keep reading 😉)

Fall semester: September 7, 2023 – December 16, 2023. Children 6-10 y.o.

Group Class: Thursdays 4:15pm; Private/Semi-Private: Monday-Friday, 1pm-8pm by appointment.

Open House: August 24th at 4:15pm, August 31st at 4:15pm.

In order to get the most out of your lessons and keep group classes interesting and beneficial for both new and returning students, we suggest the following plan:

Step 1: Introductory Sessions ~ $50/child
  • 3  x 20-minute Private Lessons (Sample Lessons Mon-Fri, 1pm- 8pm by appointment)
  • 2 Group Classes (Thursdays at 4:15pm)
  • Suggested Schedule: 1 Private and 1 Group visit per week


Step 2: Starter Program ~ $260/child
  • 3 x 40-minute Private Lessons (Mon-Fri, 1pm- 8pm by app)
  • 4 Group Lessons (Thursdays at 4:15pm)
  • Suggested Schedule: 1 Private and 1 Group visit per week for 2 weeks; Weeks 3 and 4 try out with a partner/buddy for semi-private (1/2 of lesson is used if 2 students in class)


Step 3: Enroll for the length of semester ~ Price varies by package
  • Package A: 2 Private/4 Groups or 4 Semi-Private/4 Groups ~ $210/4 weeks
  • Package B: 4 Private/4 Groups or 8 Semi-Private/4Groups ~ $340/4 weeks
  • Suggested Schedule: we ask to keep your schedule consistent from month to month, but changes can be made monthly.

We have Something for the Parents too! Whether you are a mom, dad, grandma, auntie or just a friend, why sit and scroll while you’re waiting?! Why not dance? Add $80 per month for any of the packages you choose for your child and spend 40 minutes doing something good for yourself! Our Parent Daycare Dance Class is our way of saying: “We know it’s hard! We want to help!” This is a quick way to make your mind and body happier and healthier! Take advantage of the opportunity!


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“Gatsby” – Annual Spring Ballroom Dance Showcase 

When: May 7th – 2:00 pm

Where: Carolina Theatre 310 S Green Street Greensboro, NC 27401;

For Questions:  Phone: (336) 379 9808; Email: greensboro@fredastaire.com; Chat with us on FaceBook; Send us a Message on Instagram

What: Performances by amateurs and professionals of Fred Astaire Dance Studios Greensboro. Join us as we take you on a dance journey showcasing the extraordinary talents and hard work in this live performance. Recently the studio has welcomed ten new dancers who arrived from Ukraine and will be showcasing their talents in this performance.

Cost: $25 per ticket; Babes-in-arms Free; Tickets can be purchased here: https://carolinatheatre.com/events/


Valentine’s Day Dance Class

When: February 14th – 7:00 pm (class begins at 7:15 pm)

Where: Fred Astaire Dance Studios Greensboro – 1500 Mill Street, Suite 105 Greensboro, NC 27408; Phone: (336) 379 9808; Email: greensboro@fredastaire.com; Chat with us on FaceBook; Send us a Message on Instagram

What: Group Dance Lesson (40 minutes) lead by Fred Astaire Dance Studios professionals. Learn the Romantic Rumba and Sexy Bachata. Geared toward Beginners! Arrive on time and enjoy refreshments before the class. We guarantee you’ll have a great time while dancing (even if you’re a beginner) and enjoying the music and all the wonderful benefits that dance offers (physical activity, mental stimulation, relaxation and stress relief, social contact and more)

Who: Couples AND Singles! No partner? No problem! Several professionals will be available to dance with solo attendees (only with advance registration, limited number of professionals  available).


Cost: $49 per Couple (if attending as a Couple);  $49 per Person (if attending Solo) –       No partner? No Problem! Several professional teachers will be available to dance with solo attendees.

After submitting the payment by clicking on “Buy Now” button below, please follow this link to COMPLETE THE INFORMATION FORM.

Not able to make it to this event? No worries! Purchase our Introductory Course as a Gift for yourself or for your significant other and enjoy dance lessons at a time convenient for you!