Susannah Moss – Owner

Susannah opened Fred Astaire Studio Reston 5 years ago. Originally from London England, Susannah has over 15 years of dance experience. Having moved to the USA in 2000 where she started her journey in Ballroom Dance, she taught at Fred Astaire in Knoxville, TN where she won several Pro-Am titles with her students and competed in American Rhythm & Smooth. She also performs many Theater Arts routines and is knowledgeable on lifts and theatrical dance. She continues to compete on a regular basis with her students and spearheads many large-scale events such as Dancing with the stars DC & Dancing with the Services, as well as local dance events and studio trips.

Susannah specializes in dance lessons for beginners and wedding couples.  She teaches with extreme confidence, knowledge, and passion. She will make you feel comfortable while enabling you to make quick progress thanks to her teaching style. But above all, you are guaranteed to have fun and be dancing before you know it.