Mateo Catalan – Dance Instructor

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois

Favorite Food: Mexican, Italian, Thai, Sushi! Tres Leches cake!!!

Favorite Music: latin reggaeton, but open to all fun, exotic, and exciting music

Favorite Dance:  I love them all! I love each and everyone because of the different characters you get to become.

Competition Style: American Rhythm and Smooth, International Latin and Country Western

What do you like most about teaching? I love sharing my passion and joy for dancing with everyone anywhere.  Dancing is just “walking with style!”

Who do you admire the most and why? Every single coach I’ve ever had for making me a better dancer.  My bosses past and present for trusting, believing, coaching and molding me to become the teacher I am today.  Most of all, my mother for shaping me to become selfless, giving, and to persevere through the hard times!

One thing most people do not know about me is …I have an identical twin brother and yes, he’s a dancer too!!!