Aaron Vo – Studio Director and Certified Dance Director

Aaron is a testament to the Fred Astaire method of teaching and dance institution. He started as a student at Fred Astaire Sugar Land at the tender age of 20. With no prior dance experience, he made an appointment to try his first lesson. Soon after he first stepped onto the ballroom floor, he was in love with everything Fred Astaire had to offer. He was setting goals to participate at numerous events, created relationships that continue to this day, and or course he learned to dance!

Due to his hard work and dedication, Aaron was offered a job at Fred Astaire Sugar Land. He quickly began making a name for himself by winning the professional novice divisions at both Fred Astaire National and Regional Competitions. Since then, Aaron has continued competing both with his students and his professional partners all across the United States. He has won multiple titles in both American Smooth and American Rhythm.

Aaron is currently the Dance Director for Fred Astaire Sugar Land, where he is considered to be one of the top instructors in Texas. Almost a decade at Fred Astaire, Aaron is as passionate about dancing as the day he first stepped on the ballroom floor. He believes that the Fred Astaire Dance Studios has so much more to offer that just dancing, as he is grateful for all of the students he has had the privilege to work with and is proof that great dancers are not born, they are made.