Joshua Bradford – Dance Instructor

Born in Dallas, TX, Joshua moved with his family to Houston for his father’s job in the year 2000. Growing up from about 5 spanning through to college level it was always basketball first & dancing was a hobby he “happened” to enjoy on the side. Now it’s the other way around. The older he grew, prior to FADS he developed his dancing for years recreationally in Hip Hop, Pop Style, Animating, Freestyle, but what he does now in this building & around the world has been his greatest joy. Not only for how it’s transformed him but for the people he’s gotten to meet & lives he’s changed. Some of his biggest musical influences were artists such as Michael Jackson, James Brown, The Temptations & other Motown artists from that era. He most appreciated the authenticity of the music, the instruments, and how the artists would bring together different sounds (including their voices) to create a masterpiece over and over again.

Prior to FADS with his background, no classes taken, just years of trial & error, he actually never imagined that he would become a teacher. Now anyone could tell you that he enjoys educating others just as much as he loves dancing professionally. He believes it’s such a special thing that Fred Astaire does within it’s studios & that dancing is just the tip of the iceberg. He feels he has the privilege of filling whatever void somebody may come in with through the process of learning how to dance. Not only does it create a big change in his students’ lives but it’s refreshing to him as a teacher! Getting to see people doing things that they never imagined they could. Along with his partner Julia, he and the professional team travel around the United States, the world, and even locally dancing/performing at different events together with a large family of students. If you ever meet him in the studio, outside of his love for dancing, you need to know two things: he loves to laugh & he loves to eat. These two things in life along with some spiritual nourishment speak to his soul everyday.