Taryk Hodge – Dance Instructor

Born and raised in Houston Texas, Taryk originally had becoming an NBA Superstar on his dream job list, until one day when he stumbled into a Fred Astaire ballroom dancing studio and everything changed in a major way. After completing our Instructor training program he became a professional dance instructor the summer of 2015.
“Dancing with Fred Astaire’s Franchised Studios has been more like a college experience on the magical art of ballroom dancing, we learn about everything related to dance from servicing our clients to world class dance training and every knowledge about business that has helped me in every area of my life, sometime I wish I hadn’t wasted money on a formal education after high school. Taryk is currently an 2021 American Smooth Regional Finalist, 2021 Texas Regional Nightclub Finalist, and an American Rhythm and Latin National Competitor. Taryk’s favorite style is American Smooth style. “My goal is to create confident, comfortable dancers to any style of music” I can’t wait to see you in our ballroom soon.