Festival 2019

Winter Wonderland

Join us all month long for parties, events, special offers, prizes, & more!

What is Festival??

Festival is a time where we give back to our students who are challenging themselves in their dancing and embarking on programs that promote growth along with our Fred Astaire System of Teaching.

It’s time for your instructors to reflect on all of the growth our students have had throughout 2019 and set new, exciting challenges for 2020.

There will be tons of opportunities throughout the month to win points by participating in our studio dance-challenges that promote building better habits in your dancing, bringing guests, donating gifts for the BAR foundation, and enrolling in future programs, with new goals for 2020. These points will go towards prizes which will be given out at our Victory Party on Dec. 22nd!

So get ready for an entire month filled with all kinds of dancing events, games, and outings! We can’t wait to celebrate with all of you!!

Festival Events

Ugly Sweater Friendsgiving (Festival Kick-Off Party) – November 22nd at  8:15 PM

Bring your favorite Thanksgiving dish and give thanks with your FADS family while wearing your most hilariously unfashionable holiday sweater! Enjoy performances and tons of social dancing and prizes the winners of our ugly sweater contest!

Rounds Day – December 7th at 11 am

This is a high energy event that gives our students the opportunity to meet some new faces while allowing them to dance as much as possible and build muscle memory in their dances! Everyone loved our first rounds day back in September so now we are HOSTING ROUNDS DAY (ROUND 2 ;)) by popular demand.

Club Night at The JW Marriott Galleria – December 13th at 7 pm

Come watch students and professionals dance in our club night division of Holiday Star Ball! The theme is Neon Lights so come dressed in White and get ready to glow! There will be social dancing as well!

White Christmas Victory Party – December 20th at 8:30 pm

The FADS Memorial staff is “Dreaming of a White Christmas” and we want you all to join us by wearing all white to Victory party where we en-joy live music, delicious food, prizes, and of course tons of DANCING!

Weekly Dance Challenges

Bence’s Weekly Challenge

Learn a new dance! Book an additional lesson this week to learn a dance that is not on your current program (one that you have never done before or that you would like to learn to do better). (50 points for each lesson added for this purpose)

Ashley’s Weekly Challenge

Try a new instructor! This week, hear things from a new perspective by taking a lesson (outside of your regularly scheduled sessions) with one of the instructors who is not a part of your current program! (50 points for each new instructor you take a lesson from)

Josh’s Weekly Challenge

Dress to Impress! Come to every lesson this week dressed in practice wear (ask your teacher if you are not sure what qualifies)!


Jessi’s Weekly Challenge

Become Part of The Group! Attend all 5 group classes on this final week of the festival (300 points for attending all 5)!

Share the Experience!

Every guest brought in causes a chain reaction:

  1. You may receive complimentary bonus lessons.
  2. Your instructor receives points towards their “Freddy Award” aka our “Oscars” of the Fred Astaire world.
  3. We have the honor of introducing the wonderful world of ballroom dancing and all of its benefits to your friends and family.
  4. Guests who are brought in and complete their introductory lessons will count towards our Dolphin Toss (at our Victory party/Belle’s Ball). This will allow students to take as many lessons as are landed on top of the already complimentary lessons.
  5. You receive 500 points throughout festival for each qualified guest.

How do you get people to become your guests? It’s simple! They will receive our guest special of $25 which will allow you to enjoy a free lesson. Get their permission to give their name and number to your instructor and we’ll take care of the rest!

Think about it! Has anyone you know mentioned…

  1. Wanting to get in shape- Yes/No
  2. Wanting to improve their memory- Yes/No
  3. Wanting better balance- Yes/No
  4. Needing emotional support- Yes/No
  5. Needing more quality time with their partner- Yes/No
  6. Wanting a new hobby- Yes/No
  7. In need of an artistic outlet- Yes/No
  8. Needing a date night with their significant other- Yes/No
  9. Needing a stress relief- Yes/No
  10. Wanting a new challenge/ variety in their daily routine- Yes/No
  11. Wanting to meet new people an be a part of an accepting community- Yes/No
  12. Wanting to surround themselves with a positive and encouraging environment- Yes/No
  13. Needing a confident booster- Yes/No
  14. Getting married- Yes/No


How to Earn Points!

*500 points for sponsoring (double points during sponsorship week, November 18th through November 22nd)*

Lessons and Goals

  • 1 point for every $1 enrolled
  • 1 point for every $1 paid


  • Single points for a single goal
  • Double points for two goals
  • Triple points for three goals


  • 100 points for every group class attended (Extra 50 points if you win the group class challenge that week)
  • Points Awarded for successfully completing weekly challenges (see above)
  • 300 for every party/event attended
  • 500 points to every gift donated to the BEAR Foundation either online or under our studio tree!
  • 1000 points for Qualified Guests (must complete the introductory program before the Victory Party on December 20th) 

BEARing Gifts, BEAR’s largest program, provides brand-new holiday gifts to children under the care of CPS…children who otherwise may experience no holiday joy at all. Thanks to the dedication of the Houston community, BEAR has been able to successfully provide, on average, over 10,000 children with new Christmas gifts each year.

You can donate directly through Amazon by clicking on this link: http://a.co/0kDR6wx or by bringing any of the items below to the studio and leaving them under our tree!

     NB-12 Months: Nursery Toys, Teething Toys, Interactive Learning Toys (musical, counting, spelling, speech), Ride-On Toys, Sit-To-Stand Walkers, Activity Blankets, Soft Building Blocks

     Toddlers: Interactive Learning Toys (VTECH/Leapfrog), Toy Trucks/Cars, Action Figures/Dolls (and accessories), Costume/Dress-Up Items, Sports Equipment (all types), Board Games, Puzzles, *Bikes, Scooters, Building Blocks/Legos, Stuffed Animals, Play Food/Dishes

     Children (up to 11 years old): Action Figures/Dolls, *Bikes, Scooters, Sports Equipment (all types), Tween Make-Up Sets, Arts and Crafts Kits, Science/Discovery Kits, Board Games, Puzzles, Legos, Portable DVD Players, Remote Control Cars/Helicopters

     Children 12+: Tablets, Portable DVD Players, Bluetooth Headphones, Portable Speakers, Digital/Instant Cameras (with refills), Make-Up/Beauty Kits, Nail Polish Kits, Bath & Body Sets, Jewelry Items (both genders), *Bikes, Skateboards, Cologne/Perfume Sets, Purses or Backpacks, Wallets, Sports Equipment (all types)

     *Bikes = please ensure they are not assembled and are still in the box!

Grand Prizes

7 Private Lessons
– 5 Private Lessons
– 3 Private Lessons
– Free coaching with Jan or Alan
– Free pair of dance shoes

We will be giving away weekly prizes as well as overall prizes!