Meet the New Owners of Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Huntington!

Meet Marina and Jose Palacios, the new owners of Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Huntington. These established dance professionals are eager to bring the joys and benefits of dance to you, your family and friends in a comfortable, social and low-pressure environment.

Marina has always felt music in her soul. Why? She grew up in a family of musicians. The first time she connected with ballroom dancing was during ice skating lessons in Russia when she was 6 years old. That led her to ballroom dancing, which she felt allowed her to express her deep feelings and passion. After moving to Germany she started to compete nationwide in international style with great success.

In 2010, Marina came to the United States where she began teaching ballroom dancing and continued to compete professionally in the most respected competitions in the country. Meeting her husband Jose and sharing the same dream, they worked together to bring to others the same feeling that ballroom dancing gives them.

Jose is originally from Venezuela.  After receiving his degree in engineering he decided to move to the United States in 2008 and that is when he discovered his passion for ballroom dancing.

Dancing helped him to find a balance of mind and soul that his professional career didn’t. Jose started working with the best coaches and dancers in the country and competed in different ballroom styles.

After he met his wife Marina, they worked hard toward their goal of having a dance studio together and of sharing their love of dancing with others.

Now the dream is coming true. Marina and Jose eagerly await the chance to meet you and to help you build the self-confidence and social ease that comes with success on the dancefloor.

Dancing isn’t just about the steps and music. It’s a perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction, and mental stimulation. Dancing enhances your life in so many ways: health, confidence, self-expression, social skills, relaxation, and fun. Please visit Marina and Jose at their Huntington Dance studio, which reopened July 1, and watch the way your life will change for the better!