Vitalii Tozik – Instructor / Choreographer

Vitalii began his teaching with Fred Astaire Dance Studios in 2017. With over 22 years of teaching and coaching experience, Vitalii comes to us from Smolensk, Russia, where he was the owner of the DanceSport Club “Paradox”. Vitalii has a degree in choreography teaching from the High College of Art and Culture in Smolensk. He specializes in Ballroom and Latin dance for children and young adults and has received numerous awards for recognition of the development and growth of Dance Art and Dance Culture.

In addition to his many qualifications, Vitalii has attended many Ballroom and Latin dance workshops throughout the world where he has been taught by lead professionals such as Slavyk Kryklyvy, Brian Watson, and Riccardo Cocchi. Since his arrival in the United States, Vitalii has been a vital asset to the success of Fred Astaire Jupiter and his dedication to dance is displayed through the happiness and results of his students.