Gift Certificates

Introductory Program – $50

Since we are specialized on introducing beginner students the world of dance, the Introductory Program would be the perfect entry level to experience this whole new world, what we like to call “The Adult DisneyWorld”

The Introductory program provides you with 1 private (30minute lesson), 1 group class and 1 party (Practice Session). This program is great tif you are single or you are planning to bring a partner. You don’t have a partner? Noting to worry about since your instructor will be your dance partner!

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are now available for you to share your passion of dance, or to give to your partner on a special occasion. Do you know that a lot of people really want to learn to dance but they are shy? All they wait for, is for someone to give them the Gift of Dance, be the one to create that impact in their lives.

You don’t see your amount you want to spend? Nothing to worry about, just give us a call and we will take care of it!

Are you already a student? Do you know that you get a free private lesson by referring someone to our studio? It’s True!

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