National Dance Week Is Almost Here!

So many great dances, so little time?

We’ve made time. During National Dance Week!

Try something new. Try something different. Join us, beginning Monday, July 23, for five glorious nights of dancing and fun. Learn a new style, work on your current lesson plan and come on out to the Friday night party where students will perform.

During National Dance Week we celebrate a different dance each day of the week. What a fun idea – one a day, every day. This is such a great opportunity for our students (and non-students!) to try new and exciting dance styles and expand their repertoire while meeting new people.

Here’s how National Dance Day Week shapes up:

  • Monday: salsa / merengue
  • Tuesday: waltz/ foxtrot
  • Wednesday: Argentine tango
  • Thursday: swing and push pull

All classes begin at 7 p.m. The Friday night party also starts at 7 p.m. and our goal is to have 10 performers!

To further dance awareness, we are doing interviews with students and posting them on social media. Students will get:

  • 5 raffles for each interview they do
  • 1 ticket for each Facebook like
  • 5 tickets for each Facebook share
  • 1 ticket for each lesson taken
  • 1 ticket each time they check in on Facebook.

Successful referrals are worth 10 tickets, and you know how much your friends want to be part of a program you enjoy so much. Let ‘em know. Talk it up. All the national dance day classes are free and open to anyone who is not a student.

Here’s your opportunity to learn several ballroom dance styles that you might not have tried yet. A chance to spend more time with your FADS family. An opportunity to share this experience with family, friends and co-workers.

See you there!!