Para Dance Lessons Now Offered At Our Lake Houston Studio!

The Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studio in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, has been a leader in bringing wheelchair dancing, also known as Para Dance, to the U.S. Last month the studio held the first ever North American Para Dance training, a two-day opportunity for American ballroom dance instructors to learn how to safely and properly coach and train wheelchair users. Participating instructors received certification of completion of the course from the IPC (International Paralympic Committee).

The Lake Houston studio is extremely proud to take a leadership role in expanding the awareness and availability of Para Dance Sport in the U.S., and in helping everyone experience the joy of dance! We are officially certified in Para Dance training and are happy to provide wheelchair dancing to the Lake Houston area! 

Now it’s time to raise awareness of this wonderful program that makes dance accessible to all and raises the profile of an activity that is quite popular around the world.

Here is a look back at the 2017 World Championships:

There are about 3.6 million people, 15 years of age and older, in the United States who use wheelchairs, according to U.S. Disability Statistics and Information – Disabled World. They are showing they love to dance and compete. FADS studios can help open doors and provide a broader experience for all dancers, but people cannot sign up for an activity they do not know about. That is why we need YOU!

We need to inform the community of what we have to offer for those in wheelchairs. Our Para-Dance lessons are led by Fred Astaire’s professional, certified dance instructors with experience in teaching wheelchair and amputee ballroom dancing.  Participants are welcome to bring their own dance partner or they will be paired with a partner. From Waltz to Tango to Salsa, we offer all styles of dance lessons in a fun, friendly, supportive environment, while promoting physical, social, and emotional well-being.

It’s a wonderful and worthy program. Tell everyone!

“You do not need two feet to dance, it only requires an amazing heart to be able to express your love for something”