Fred Astaire Dance Studios – Madison East Reviews

We have had a lot of people come into our studio and enjoy every lesson they have been taught. And then there are those rare occasions where dance brings you together with your soul mate is such one of those stories. We are proud to have them as students and are elated that they found each other while attending lessons at our studio.

I have so much fun every time we go for a lesson. It’s a wonderful way for my husband and I to spend time together and learn something new. Everyone is so friendly. We are new to dancing, but everyone is so encouraging. – Jill Litscher

My fiancé and I started taking lessons to learn dance as well as to prepare for our wedding in June 2020. There is such a friendly atmosphere here that everyone feels like family. Each lesson always goes great and ends in a bunch of smiles as well as laughter. We are learning so much about dance and we are excited to know more. – Manda Lynn

My fiancé and I were looking to find a activity to do together, so we started dance lessons. I am so glad we did! It’s been a lot of fun! Everyone is really fun and helpful! We also love our teacher Yerikk! We are learning a lot. To be continued… – Steven Stricklin