Dancing with the stars!

Madison West Presents

Join us every Thursday from May – 20th to June 10th for your Madison West version of Dancing with the Stars! Top Prizes will include the much coveted Mirror Ball Trophy along with a Summer Showcase Participation fee!  See our events page for more information.

How it works:

1: On the Friday before each week each student will draw a name and dance from a hat to determine who they dance with and what dance. Students can not dance with their own instructors. In the event they draw their own instructor they must draw again. They can dance with male or female instructors to have a male/female, male/male, or female/female performance. If you can not be here on the Friday before we will draw names for you.

2: You will purchase 2 lessons to get your routine ready for Thursday’s performance. Each week will have a different theme which can help you in choosing your costumes and choreography. All lessons must be taken in addition to your regularly scheduled lessons.

3: Points will be earned each week. We will have a voting system in place for both in person viewers and online as well. First place each week will earn 100 points, 2nd place 75 points, and 3rd place 50 points. Points can also be earned for bringing a guest. 100 points for each guest you bring that is not a current student(active/inactive). 100 points will also be issued for participation. Each Thursday performance will be like a Practice Party. We will start out with our performances and then have general dancing after.

Week one is in the books Vote for your favorite now!!