Marisa Yatsenko: Studio Owner, Manager and Instructor.

Marisa hails from Poltava, Ukraine and has a Degree in Fine Arts and Design. She moved to the USA in December 2006 where she began her career as a dance instructor at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Tarrytown, NY until 2011.

In 2008 Marisa became the Fred Astaire National Rising Star Rhythm Champion and in 2012 and 2013, she and her partner Eugene became United States National Nine-Dance Finalists.

In addition, Marisa has taken home numerous Top Teacher awards at many Fred Astaire National and Cross Country Championships

Marisa has extensive experience teaching ballroom dance to adults and children. She was instantly loved by her students for her dance skills and quickly became top teacher in the region while winning numerous Annual Fred Astaire Awards for New York State as Top Teacher and Supervisor.

“I love to Dance, it is what I enjoy doing the most in life, my students think I am good at it but I always try to push for better, to learn new things, new moves, new teaching technics, it is always about improving what you have, progress never stops.

Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Manhasset offers me an opportunity to fulfil my passion to dance, teach and enjoy all the benefits of dancing. I love working with my students, I want them to improve as dancers, cheer up their mood, get them into the best shape they can be and share a joy of moving to the music. To dance to me means to be healthy in mind and body, I love investing into people’s better being, this is how I believe we enrich our students life.”