Jhodar Villegas – Professional Dance Instructor

Jhodar is a comprehensive Venezuelan dancer who began her artistic training at the age of 5 years old. In love with the world of dance, Jhodar decided to further her education by acquiring her Master’s Degree in the Performing Arts. Being recognized for her talent, Jhodar has had amazing opportunities to perform on various stages beside highly influential artists. These dance experiences have led her to learn and function in the world of ballroom dancing.  Her enthusiasm, dedication and charisma for what she loves, makes her students have a deep passion for dance, as well. Jhodar is currently competing professionally in American style Smooth and Rhythm. 

Jhodar has received the following Awards and Recognition within our New Jersey region:

Top Female Overall

Top Female Lessons Taught

Top Female Dance Apparel Consultant

Top Female Guest Department

We are lucky to have Jhodar’s passion and influence and to hold title of being Top Studio within New Jersey.