Juan Garcia – Advanced Student Department Manager/ Instructor

Where are you from?: Germantown, Wisconsin

Bio: I’ve spent most of my life in Germantown, WI. Growing up I’ve always been attracted to anything that was about rhythm. When I was in school I also was a very active member within the Theater Arts and Band Programs. I enjoy entertaining people but it wasn’t until I walked through the Fred Astaire doors that I had a perfect opportunity to not only entertain people but to also give them a fun thing to use as an exciting new hobby in their lives.

Goals: To become a successful dancer

Hobbies: I like watching movies, playing tennis, football, ultimate Frisbee and hiking.

Favorite Quote: “Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.” – Bruce Lee

I love being a Dance Instructor because: it allows me to teach people something new and exciting that not everyone knows!