Get into Shape this New Year with Ballroom Dancing!

December 20, 2018
It’s soon going to be a new year, but will it be a new you?

I recently heard a statistic that over 30% of Americans are unhappy with their life.  In a report done by the United Nations World Happiness Report the United States is ranked in 18th place with all the indicators saying this position will continue to fall.

Factors that contribute to this can be poor health and a lack of social interaction and cohesion. Because of factors like poor health and obesity peoples life expectancy is less and they are more depressed.

With the New Year comes new opportunities and this is a time people make a conscious decision to change parts of their life they are unhappy with. We all know gym memberships increase at the beginning of January but the consensus is that the newly found motivation fades away and there is no lasting change in behavior.

Here at Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Menomonee Falls we pride ourselves on not only having a product that gives a low impact whole body workout, but our Instructors are with you every step of the way to motivate and inspire you to achieve your goals.

Some of the physical benefits of dance include better mobility, greater flexibility a fun cardio workout at your pace (who enjoys running on a treadmill) and allover muscle strengthening.

We have had students lose over 40lbs, fit in the clothes they wore prior to having their children and actually stop taking mediation for their pain.

We recently had a chiropractor taking lessons in the Studio and he said “Ballroom Dancing for the body is the equivalent of putting oil on a rusty hinge”.

On a daily basis we see our students grow (literally) as they stand up after slouching at a desk all day. Relax and unwind on their lessons as the stresses of the day fade away and make new friends.

Our environment is incredibly positive and inclusive. We often say that the most difficult step you will ever take is when you walk in the door. From that moment, we strive to prove to you that YOU CAN learn how to dance and that you don’t have two left feet.

We will be sharing some personal stories and reviews from our Students to show you the impact Ballroom Dance Lessons has had on their life.

Our wish for you is that in 2019 YOU are experiencing this and taking the first steps to a new you. Don’t make excuses, dive in and reinvent yourself now.

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Life is better when you dance…