Nikita Vinnyk – Dance Instructor

At the age of 5, Nikita Vinnyk went to the Grace Dance Center, where he danced until the age of 17. Here, he became a lead dancer and soloist. Already in the “Juvenals” category, he became the champion of the region.

Nikita & his first dance partner continued their career for 8 years, during this time they achieved outstanding results in the Zaporozhye Region and behind its aisles. With his second partner Ekaterina Zankova, the partnership lasted for 4 years during which time they  managed to travel all over Ukraine and participate  in  major tournaments in Europe. In addition, they  became Champions of RUT in the category “Juniors 2” Latin.

After that, he entered the Kharkiv Pedagogical University. G.S. Skovoroda to the Department of Choreography. In Kharkiv, Ukraine, in addition to university knowledge, he improved his dance skills with the best teachers of the country, such as Oleg Kochnev & Denis Reka. With  efforts and dedication, he received the Master of Sports of Ukraine. He became the champion of the UFST in the adult category. He founded his Ballroom Dance Studio “Dance Hall”. He created the author’s unique technique “5 steps” with which his students became successful dancers and won the highest placements in Ukraine. Currently, he is part of Fred Astaire Dance Studios – Mequon, Wisconsin, providing the studio, and it’s students, with his talent and exquisite technique.