2024 Valentine’s Day at Fred Astaire

2024 Valentine's Day at Fred Astaire2024 Valentine’s Day celebrates love and affection by providing an opportunity to express feelings and appreciation for those we cherish. It serves as a time to pause amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life to celebrate the connections that bring joy and warmth into our souls. The exchange of thoughtful gestures, heartfelt messages, and acts of love on Valentine’s Day contributes to creating lasting memories.

Here at Fred Astaire – Middletown, we can help you make these lasting memories! We have planned a special Valentine’s Day social party starting at 7:45 on Friday, February 9th, to kick off the season of love. Further, we’ve carved out a whole Valentine’s afternoon and Valentine’s evening dedicated to private lessons for you and your sweetheart to enjoy.

Embrace Heartwarming Connections at Our Valentine’s Day Social Party

Get ready to dance your way into Valentine’s weekend at our studio’s Valentine’s Day Social Party! You’ll get a taste of the various styles of dance we teach, from salsa to ballroom. Regardless of your dance skill, this social gathering welcomes all. Whether you’re a seasoned dance pro refining your skills or a beginner eager to learn new techniques, everyone will find a place on the dance floor. The one rule? Have fun with it!

Our Valentine’s Day Social Party promises an enchanting celebration for couples and singles alike. Whether you’re reveling in coupledom, embracing Galentine’s Day with your closest pals, or flying solo to forge new connections, get ready for an absolute blast! Want to warm up before the social? Try our Latin class, which starts right before the party! 

Celebrate the Joy of Love Through the Art of Dance During Private Lessons

Dancing is an excellent way for couples to connect and strengthen their bond. Private lessons provide a focused environment where couples can share a fun and meaningful activity. We’re here to help you and your Valentine deepen your connection during our exclusive private dance lessons for couples, which run between 1 pm and 9 pm Valentine’s Day and the following day. Our private lessons include:

  • Tailored dance routines to your favorite songs
  • Personalized attention from skilled dance instructors
  • Fun and engaging choreography suitable for all dance levels

Surprising your sweetheart with a private dance lesson shows thoughtfulness and effort that adds excitement to your Valentine’s Day celebration. A private dance lesson is a unique and meaningful gift that goes beyond chocolate and roses. It showcases your desire to create shared experiences and invest time in activities that bring joy to your relationship. Schedule your private dance lesson today!

Join Us for 2024 Valentine’s Day

Ultimately, Valentine’s Day is meant to inspire acts of love, show gratitude, and cultivate meaningful relationships. Here at Fred Astaire – Middletown, we see firsthand how dance elevates connections. Whether you’ll be joining us for our social party, booking a private lesson with your special someone, or giving the gift of a gift card to think outside the box of chocolates, we are here to help make your 2024 Valentine’s Day great!

Also,  be sure to contact us about date night specials all year long!