Private Dance Lessons – 5 Benefits You’ve Never Considered

When you think of dance lessons, the first image you think of may be of a dance class, but what about private dance lessons? Have you ever considered the benefits private dance lessons could bring to your personal growth, your relationship, or your fitness goals? We’ve outlined five reasons why private dance lessons may be just what you’re looking for!

1.  Customized Instruction

Have you ever been in a dance class and felt awkward because other students seemed to be picking up the moves faster than you were? Or maybe the way the teacher was explaining a step didn’t exactly make sense? Perhaps you have been on the other side of this, and felt that too much time was focused on the group learning a particular step that you mastered on the first try. These can be a drawback of group lessons. During private lessons, you will have the instructor’s undivided attention! Therefore, you never have to worry about falling behind or getting too far ahead. The pace the class goes at is exactly right for your level of skill and strength.

2. Better Date Night Experience

When you schedule a private couples dance lesson, the floor is all yours! This makes for a more intimate date night experience. The focus is solely on the connection between the two of you, without interruption.   

3. Tailored to Personalized Goals

Dancing is a well rounded workout, and most dances include forms of cardio, strength training, balance, and flexibility. Based on your specific goals, we can personalize a dance class and dance routines to better help you achieve your fitness goals. Looking for more cardio for heart health? We may recommend a faster paced Salsa or  Merengue lesson. Want better coordination and balance? Ballroom dance is a lovely way to advance both of these. No matter what your dancing goals are, rest assured that private lessons are a sure way to achieve them. 

4. Accelerated progress

During group lessons the instructor’s attention is divided among the group. Conversely, during private dance lessons your instructor will be working with only you (or you and your partner) the entire time. This will allow them to more quickly find and address areas that you are struggling in. Since your instructor will be able to dive into great detail during your lesson, you’ll have an easier time advancing to the next steps. Private lessons ensure that your instructor will have the specific techniques to help you to master the steps as quickly as possible. 

5. Convenience

Group classes have set schedules according to group accommodation. However, private dance lessons are geared towards your own convenience! Our private lessons are scheduled on the days and times that fit best into your itinerary. And now with our virtual offerings, you can even access private dance lessons in the comfort of your own home, simply schedule a lesson and log on. Dance lessons cannot get much more convenient than that!