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Million Mask MOVEment™

Thank you for your generous donations! UPDATE: The Million Mask MOVEment did just under 15,000 masks. And served 25 different healthcare systems in 19 states. Dawn Smart, President of Dore Designs said, “I think it was an amazing effort by all. And I am proud of my 3 teams and grateful for all the donations made by the donors and of course, Fred Astaire Dance Studios and Advis. Lyndean (Advis CEO) is an amazing person and I feel fortunate to have had her guidance through this time.”

The latest dance step from Fred Astaire Dance Studios® is our Million Mask MOVEment™, an initiative to produce personal protective respiratory masks for our nation’s healthcare workers & hospitals, as they continue their lifesaving work during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

All across the country, hospitals are in desperate need of equipment and are requesting protective masks. The masks produced under this program will help extend the life of N95 medical-grade masks (which would typically be disposed of after seeing a single patient). Where there’s an even greater shortage, these masks may be a primary form of protection.

Fred Astaire Dance Studios® has joined with Advis, a leading healthcare consulting firm, and some of the elite dressmakers in the ballroom dance industry (including Dore Designs, Serafin & Associates, Inc. and Dance America) to manufacture and distribute high-quality protective masks for hospital workers across the country.


From Advis: “The overflow of gratitude that the Million Mask MOVEment has received is unbelievable. We are hearing firsthand from hospitals who have received the masks what a difference the MOVEment is making in their ability to combat this crisis. Masks have been shipped out daily ever since sewing began. In the first week alone thousands of masks have been delivered to nearly 10 large healthcare systems across the country!”

“Advis is proud to welcome Serafin & Associates as a new sponsor! Together, we will continue to make a difference in the lives of those who are working on the front lines to fight COVID-19. Demand continues to rise as we add more hospitals to our waiting list.”

During this difficult time, we all want to help. Your generous donations have gone towards the production of these protective masks. Together, we can step up and help our front line healthcare workers – and all Americans.

Thank you for your generosity!