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Fred Astaire Dance Studio Testimonials

“I love the staff and the ownership is outstanding! After each encounter at our studio we feel very special due to the treatment we receive from the staff and the ownership. I have never had a bad experience while at the studio or participating in one of the events put on but the studio. I love the confidence that dancing has given me and how it has made my relationship with my spouse even stronger. There is nothing like dancing to a piece of music with your partner that you love. It so liberating and makes me feel free to express my thoughts and feelings while performing. I also love the exercise. We love dancing.”

Mark P.

“I absolutely love the dancing but I am not in to performing!”

Joy A.

“I really appreciate how patient the staff is with us with we are having issues learning a new dance.”

Luke M.

“Great instruction. Instructor did not act like a know it all. Shared her knowledge in a very constructive way. She could demonstrate what she was teaching.”

Mark S.

“My instructors-sasha and jade were awesome!”

Orlando R.

“Brandon has been very patient with us and he is a great teacher. The rest of your staff has been very warm and welcoming. You’ve got a special thing going on. My daughter and I are excited about our upcoming father/daughter dance!”

David G.

“Our journey with dancing at Milwaukee FADS started in March of 2010. My wife Dana and I decided that for our 25 year vow renewal ceremony we would learn a dance to perform together during the reception of the ceremony. Our instructors at the time gave us such a warm welcome and so much sincere support that the learning process was not very difficult. As a person who has never been able to dance this was important to me. I didn’t feel any embarrassment or pressure. In addition, our confidence began to grow as we started to learn more about dancing.

We went on a second honeymoon to Hawaii and upon returning decided that we would continue dancing, as we were having so much fun and we finally found something we could enjoy doing together as a couple. Our own thing together so to speak. I would like to point out that it wasn’t just because we wanted to dance that made us stay, a big part of it was also the people we became associated with, our instructors and the new friendships that started to develop. Also we were at a very difficult time in our lives and needed an outlet. I felt I had finally found something that made my Wife show her beautiful smile again. Dancing is not only our hobby, it is our therapy.

The studio is not only where we socialize and learn to dance, it is where we have met some of our closest friends. People I would have otherwise never met. We all consider ourselves to be family at the studio. Everyone supports one another. Life can offer challenges that can make one want to give up. I have learned that dancing make one never want to quit but inspires one to greatness. The atmosphere at the studio is a loving one, full of energy and excitement. The owner, staff and fellow students have created this setting.

I have always said that I do not want to do anything or be associated with something that does not allow me to glorify God when I do it. We have been able to accomplish that through our dancing, working with the children & putting on performances ourselves at our church. It has allowed my wife and I to become even closer to one another as we take on new challenges in life. The art of dance has also allowed us to establish new relationships with people outside of our studio. Not to mention, I personally was never able to dance and was never complimented as being a good dancer until recently. Dancing is something we intend to together do for rest of our lives. It has been one of the most positive life changing experiences we have encountered together. So, we shall continue with this journey together, as we continue to grow professionally and spiritually.”

-Mark L. Phillips and Dana D. Phillips (Current Students)

Video Review By Kathy Neumeier (Current Student)

“Ballroom dancing is something we always talked about trying at some point in our lives. We were offered the opportunity of a free dance lesson and that changed everything.

Coming to Fred Astaire for the first time was a little nerve wracking but the amazing team of instructors and staff put us at ease almost immediately. It was as if we were long-time friends from the start.

Our instructor is so engaging and warm that we look forward to our lessons no matter what kind of day we have had.

In joining the Fred Astaire family we quickly realized that the entire crew- staff and fellow students- are the most warm and encouraging group of people you could ever want to meet.

When you combine lessons , Friday night dance parties, and competitions, your skills improve way beyond what you ever thought possible. Not only are the instructors good at dancing, they are amazing at getting you out of your comfort zone.

We understand that Fred Astaire is a business but you quickly find yourself caring about these people. They are pretty incredible.

The best part for us is the time we get to spend together doing something we love and getting some good exercise in the process.

We would not hesitate to recommend ballroom dancing, especially at Fred Astaire to anyone


-Billy and Christie Franks (Current Students)

Video Review By Julia Napolitano (Current Student)

“Fred and Me:

One phone call-one lesson-and I was hooked. What an invigorating and pleasant experience to dance with some of the best artists in the area!

A new self-confidence, loads of fun, unexpected weight loss, are only some of the benefits reaped from the Fred Astaire experience.

I must also applaud the other students in the Milwaukee studio who truly emit a family atmosphere. So comforting and inviting.

If you can move, you can dance. My suggestion is-try it! I guarantee you will love it!”

-Ms. Pat Hotton (Current Student)

Video Review By Donna Tanzer (Current Student)

“I never danced. My wife did. When we went to weddings it was the same thing every time. She would be out on the dance floor, I’d be with the guys somewhere else. One-by-one, our ladies would drag us out to the dance floor for one dance. You could see on our faces just how much torture we were going through. It was the worst three and a half minutes of our lives.”

“Fast forward 25 years. I had been listening to Fred Astaire commercials on the radio for almost a year. That dancing issue was still on my ‘bucket list’. Christmas was coming and I needed a gift so I called Fred Astaire in Milwaukee and spoke with a young man. He listened patiently and explained how Fred Astaire not only shows you how to dance but explains the science behind it. Finally, someone explaining dancing in language even a guy like me could understand. So I signed up-seven lessons and four parties.

Our first lesson went well. We learned some steps and were having fun. The parties were even more fun. We learned more steps and made new friends.

Learning how to dance has long term benefits. [It is] a lifetime skill you can take with you; a skill that everyone admires and respects; a skill that offers challenging exercise and rewarding achievement; a skill that helps you make new friends and have fun; a skill that gives you more confidence in social settings; a skill that makes you look better, feel better, and think more clearly.

I don’t know how long we will be able to do this, but I don’t plan to retire anytime soon!”

-Wayne and Kathleen Keller (Current Students)

“I just wanted to THANK YOU for such a wonderful night this past Saturday for our company Christmas party. We had a great time. The space was so nicely decorated, we were welcomed at the door with open arms, and the instructors were AMAZING! Our entire group left there in awe of how well everything was done and how much fun we all had. Kudos to you, the instructors and Fred Astaire as a whole for putting on such a seamless event. Everyone around the office is thanking me for organizing it however you guys did all the work. So I would like to extend that thank you to you!

Please thank the instructors for doing a phenomenal job, they made us all feel at ease and we had a blast.  The entire staff has been breaking into dance steps all week long!

Thank you for an unforgettable experience.”

-Kristin Burns, Elmbrook General Dentistry

(On a company Christmas Party we hosted)