Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Us!

Love2DanceIt’s always nice to go out dancing with that special someone on Valentine’s Day!

Dancing promotes closeness and a warmer relationship, more intimacy and mutual pleasure.

Spend Valentine’s Day with us at your Fred Astaire Dance Studio of North Phoenix and we’ll make sure you have a wonderful time. We’re offering a 40-minute private dance lesson with a complimentary Valentine’s surprise … for just $29. Come down to the studio on Tuesday, February 14th and learn some fun and sexy moves with your sweetie! You can purchase the special by CLICKING HERE

To get ready for those festivities on Tuesday, Feb. 14, we’re holding a Valentine’s Day Practice Party on Monday, Feb. 13 at 8 p.m.

Admission is free and dress will be semi-formal. And you will get to meet new friends from the Arrowhead FADS, which will be attending as well.

We will be having some nice things planned for the party including refreshments and a chocolate fountain!!

Step up and step out on the dance floor with our Valentine’s Day festivities on Monday, Feb. 13, and Tuesday, Feb. 14. Meet some new people who are as passionate as you are about dance and enjoy the camaraderie of our studio on Valentine’s Day.

See you soon.