Dance Into The New Year at FADS Phoenix North!

So you thought you were done with parties after that New Year’s Eve blast, eh?

Not if we have anything to say about! We want you up on your feet and dancing your way back into shape after all the holiday celebrations.

We’re kicking off a Monday Night Fitness Class, which will begin at 7:30 p.m. There will be two classes that we have two classes we will rotate: Stretch Class and Latin Cardio Classes. We recommend both – for flexibility and endurance. You know how important that is for dancers!

We also decided to make a few New Year’s resolutions for you 🙂 We couldn’t help it. We love to see you dancing and happy in the studio, so we’re having a few themed socials in January and your resolution is to attend and have a great time on the dance floor!

On Friday, Jan. 4, we’re throwing a New Year’s Celebration Practice Party. We’ll have champagne and dancing and lots of fun.

On Thursday, Jan. 10, we’ve got a CLUE Murder Mystery Practice Party. This is a real-life murder mystery game night. Can you be the sleuth who figures out who committed the crime?

You’ll enjoy our Saloon Practice Party on Thursday, Jan. 17 with its Wild West theme.

And on Thursday, Jan. 24, we’re getting artistic with a Create your own Tie Dye Practice Party.

There is no party on Thursday, Jan. 31, but we invite you to join us on Saturday for our DDC Competition Event, with general dancing and professional competition.

Happy New Year! Make it even happier by attending as many events as you can at the studio. We are always glad to see you.