Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we at Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Phoenix-North are proud to support this campaign against a terrible disease that takes more than 50,000 lives each year.

Those who fight breast cancer – and those who beat it – find that dance truly can make a difference in the quality of their life and in assisting in their recovery. Your Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Phoenix North is completely behind this and is proud to offer the following specials for cancer survivors and those battling cancer

  • $1 for One Private Lesson or
  • $10 for One Private Lesson, One Group Class & One Practice Session


We do this because dance helps survivors of breast cancer restore their quality of life and continue their healing. Breast cancer survivors have been through diagnosis, treatment and a recovery that can be arduous. At such times, a supportive community of friends and family (including your Fred Astaire family) eases the stresses. Ballroom dance is an easy and fun way to make lifelong friends who will be there for you through the good times as well as the bad.

Dance restores self-confidence. Many breast cancer survivors have undergone changes to their body, be they from chemotherapy sessions, mastectomies, breast reconstruction or other surgeries. Dancing can bring that confidence back and make you feel stronger, comfortable in your body and capable of anything!

Dance is a fun way to relieve stress and get your mind onto a positive track. Through dance, breast cancer survivors often discover a fun way to refocus their energies.

Dance allows you to embark upon a physical fitness regimen at your own pace. Recovery takes time and it can often be a slow, frustrating journey back to wellness. Ballroom dance is a form of exercise that can be as easy or as challenging as you make it. You dance at your own pace and regain your strength in an encouraging environment.

Join us this month as we salute survivors and all of those dealing with breast cancer. Help us help them.