Ashley Daniele – Executive Assistant

From early on in her life, Ashley took great interest in caring for others. She found her place in the medical field and became a certified medical assistant. Along her medical journey, she embarked on a new journey: motherhood. After years of dedication to both her children and her career, she is excited about the future with the Fred Astaire Dance Company.

Her family, especially her three children, Lexi, Joey, and little Axl are important to Ashley. Every step of the way she has been there to support them and help them grow. She and her family love to laugh, and love to love; that’s what fills Ashley’s life, endless love, laughter, and support. Needless to say, Ashley loves being a mother above all. She adores the bright and unique spirits her children are.

Through the past few years, Ashley’s positions have revolved around helping others. Everyone she has ever worked with can agree that Ashley approaches every situation with a smile and the intent to give her absolute. By simply being her bubbly, kind self, Ashley found a position as an executive assistant with the Fred Astaire Dance Studio – Moon Valley where she fits right in with all the positive energy. She is thrilled to be a part of this wonderful dance community.