Nedko Petrov – Studio Owner & Instructor

Nedko Petrov’s, dance background begins at age ten. He joined a ballroom dance club in Burgas, Bulgaria. He started competing at age eleven. His accomplishments are as follows; he consistently won the national and international competitions in the junior and youth age category. He reached the highest dance level in Latin by age sixteen. Nedko consistently was in the top three couples in the Latin divisions for many years and in 1996 he became the national champion for Bulgaria. He also competed in International competitions throughout Europe. He placed multiple times in the final. He placed first in East Germany, sixth in West Berlin, first in Czech Republic, finalist in Poland, Austria, Macedonia, Hungry and many other countries. In 2001 Nedko, was invited to work for Fred Astaire Dance Studios. He continued competing and won several regional competitions. He placed eighth in Smooth at Ohio Star Ball in 2003.

Nedko has worked for the FADS Company for a total of fifteen years. He began as a dance instructor. Later, he started working as a manager and dance director.

Nedko is currently the Co-Owner of the Phoenix North Fred Astaire Dance Studio with Sarah Petrov.