We’re Dancing Through December!

Busy, busy, busy. We never rest during the holiday season. We’re keeping you on your feet and dancing, dancing, dancing!

On Thursday, Dec. 7, we have our Holiday Spotlight. We will have refreshments, performances by students and professionals, as well as general dancing. The cost is $10 dollars per ticket and the event is open to the public, so bring a friend, a co-worker, anyone you know who would love to enjoy the world of dance.

On Friday, Dec. 8, we have Bruno Collins coaching in our studio. Talk to your instructor now about locking in your time with this world-renowned instructor and choreographer. https://www.fredastaire.com/fads-dance-board-member-bruno-collins/

Thursday, Dec. 14, brings our White Elephant Practice Party with a $10 limit max.

A week later, on Thursday, Dec. 21, is our Students Appreciation Party. The Theme for Festival is The Polar Express. This night we will have our raffle and announce our prizes. You must be present to win. And you should be present – this will be great time!

Lastly, we get a jump on 2018 with our New Year’s Practice Party on Thursday, Dec. 28. You want to look good on the dance floor on New Year’s Eve? Come to this party and put in a little time working on those steps. You won’t regret it.