3 Reasons to Dance Practice Rounds

Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Morristown will be running dedicated sessions for “Rounds” and has set the schedule for February & March 2021.

If you’ve never participated in Practice Rounds before, you may be wondering what to expect and how rounds can be beneficial for your dancing. Read on to learn more!

3 Reasons to Dance Practice Rounds:

Endurance — During rounds, an environment similar to competition will be simulated. Dance music will be played at regulation tempo and length. More importantly, dances will be run back-to-back.  Your comfort during dance lessons and even socials can sometimes lead to a false sense of security regarding stamina. When dancing consistently over the course of a longer period of time there is a tendency for arms to fatigue.  Tired arms leads to a fallen frame and core breakdown. It’s not long before dancing becomes more physically challenging and the overall aesthetic and quality is compromised. Dancing rounds creates stronger dancers by improving physical stamina, which improves the quality of your dancing.

Focus — You’ve heard your teacher say it a hundred times: Preparing for a goal is the best way to create success — you’ll achieve better results, faster. In this way you’ll not only look better on the dance floor, but you’ll be making the most of your private lessons and gaining the best return on your dance investment.  Focusing on the goal of preparing for rounds strengthens your dance skills through repetition of and concentration in the chosen dances.  Your overall comfort on the dance floor will also increase — many dancers claim that preparing for rounds helped them feel more at ease with the concept of performing or being ‘seen.’  During rounds, you will be dancing your own routines (or the steps you have been working on) with your instructors, alongside other dancers.

Feedback — Rounds are not just for competitive dancers! Practice rounds offer the best tool for improving your dancing: Instant Feedback.  With most dance events on hiatus, now is the time to really invest your energy into improving your craft. Find out key elements that you can tune up in the coming months — points that are unique to your personal dancing. As with coaching opportunities, rounds will allow an experienced observer — either Fred Astaire Morristown owner Gabriela Jileva or a guest professional adjudicator — to survey and take specific notes on your dancing.  Together with your instructors, you’ll be able to review these notes and begin implementing corrections.  Incorporating the new knowledge into your private lessons is sure to make you an even better dancer.

Format of Rounds:

Smooth Rounds – Smooth rounds will consist of the 4 Smooth Dances — Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz , as well as Argentine Tango.

Rhythm Rounds – Rhythm rounds will consist of the 5 Rhythm Dances — Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Bolero & Mambo.

Nightclub Rounds – Nightclub rounds will consist of 6 Novelty Dances, Merengue, West Coast Swing, Samba, Hustle, Salsa and Paso Doble.

A Few Helpful Notes about Rounds:

– Dancers may choose to participate in some or all Rounds. However,  due to social distancing restrictions space is limited and advance registration is required. Talk to  your instructor and see our signup boards at the studio for remaining availability!

– Practice rounds are beneficial for dancers of any level!  There is no pre-requisite for dancing rounds. All are welcome to participate, from Beginner through Bronze and beyond.

– Dress code for rounds is relaxed — Practice wear is encouraged, but dancers are welcome to wear any casual, comfortable clothing for dancing.  Competition dresses and gowns may also be worn, with the understanding that room for changing is extremely limited at this time.

– Generally speaking, rounds are the perfect opportunity to practice floorcraft. However, for social distancing reasons, we will be limiting the number of dancers on the floor and in the ballroom. See your teachers for more details about our plans for keeping rounds safe for all dancers!

Upcoming Practice Rounds:

All sessions of rounds will begin at 7:30pm.
Smooth rounds — Wednesday, February 10th
Rhythm rounds — Wednesday, February 24th
Nightclub rounds — Wednesday, March 10th

For more info & updates, see your instructor!