Top Tips to Achieve Your Dance Resolutions!

It’s January, which means it’s time for resolutions!

What is your dancing goal?

goals clipart

Some students are preparing to participate in dance competitions or get creative with showcases & spotlight performances. Others desire to pass levels, improve posture, or become comfortable on the social dancer floor.

With the help of your instructors & lots of hard work on the dance floor, you can achieve your goals & become the best dancer you can be!  Whatever your goals may be, here are some helpful tips for you!

Set a Specific Goal
All of our students at Fred Astaire Morristown work with their instructors to set personal dancing goals.  Goals may be different for every student, but are a necessary & important part of the learning process.  It’s important to revisit and review your goals throughout your program to make sure you’re on track, so be sure to talk to your teacher if your goal has changed or become unclear!

Make a Plan
You’ve established your goal.  Now, how will you get there?  There is a road map to learning to dance, and your instructors can give you a clear path leading to the goal you’re shooting for.  Without a path to your goal, you may wander aimlessly, never attaining your fullest potential!

You’ve seen the phrase spanning the mirrors at our studio “Progress Begins the Moment You Commit.”  If you feel you aren’t seeing the progress you were expecting, ask yourself if you’ve truly committed yourself to achieving your goal. Committing includes having the right equipment (such as shoes and practice wear), sticking to your schedule, practicing at socials & taking advantage of group classes and coaching opportunities. Disciplining yourself will help you get the most out of your dance investment.

Expand Your Limits
When was the last time you did something that felt uncomfortable?  Chances are your first dance lesson took you out of your comfort zone. Movements & concepts that are new often make us feel uneasy, and it’s tempting to run from that feeling.  But discomfort can actually be a great sign! That awkward feeling is your “growing pains.” If you haven’t been experiencing that sensation, then you haven’t been pushing yourself to your limits!  Talk to your teacher to find out the best way to challenge & improve yourself!

Live It
Anything you choose to improve must become a priority!  By making it a priority you are deciding to focus your energy in every aspect of your life.  This means developing new habits & small changes in an effort to get results.  Do you come early before your lesson to stretch & practice and stay after to cool down & take notes?  Do you attend as many classes as possible & rotate with other student dance partners of different levels at socials to improve your leading and following?  Fred Astaire studios have a 3-way system of dance, which means you learn best when you follow the system, combining your private lessons with group classes and social dancing.  If you haven’t been attending all three each week, there’s definitely room to improve!