Swing Into Spring With Checkout Week!

Trophy-System2April is approaching, and with it comes Checkout Week.

Checkout Week is a chance for students to demonstrate their abilities in order to officially “graduate” and advance to the next level of dance on our Trophy System.

This is a great way to test your skills and track the progress you’ve made through your dancing and your dedication to practice. Diplomas and plaques are awarded at our annual Trophy Ball celebration, which is an exciting and festive formal occasion complete with fun, food and drink.

Whether you are just completing Social Foundations or Preliminary Social Bronze, or you’re practicing to earn a Final Bronze Honors award, every student is welcome to make these achievements part of their dance goals and programs at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Morristown.

Start getting ready now for the Trophy Ball, which will be held in December. Checkout week is April 11th-15th. Talk to your instructor about taking part in Checkout Week with an eye toward the Trophy Ball.

Need a little more information? Here’s a past blog – “What is a Checkout?” – that fully explains Checkout Week and progress measurements. Enjoy.