Coaching with Jesse DeSoto

Fred Astaire Morristown is thrilled to announce that Jesse DeSoto
will be visiting the studio in November!

Personal coaching sessions are the perfect opportunity to have an expert serve as a “third eye” on your movements. Coaches watch with a constructively critical eye as you execute your steps with your primary instructors.  Witnessing a couple’s dancing  from the outside perspective allows coaches to catch details your instructor can’t always see from inside the partnership.  Coaches can assist by helping with technical details, adding arm stylings, exaggerated timings and polishing body movements that will make you look and feel great on the dance floor.

Coaching opportunities with Jesse DeSoto are limited — read below to learn more about this favorite Master Dance Coach!


About Jesse DeSoto:
Jesse DeSoto started as a dance instructor in 1999 at a Fred Astaire Dance Studio near his hometown of Greendale, WI.  He realized that his passion for competition, challenge of the dance floor & freedom for artistic expression were a perfect match for a future in ballroom dancing! Jesse was fortunate to be paired with a gifted and naturally talented dancer, Jackie Josephs and they went professional in 2003. They were a featured couple on the 2005 PBS’s America’s Ballroom Challenge dance program. Jesse was awarded Top Competitive Male Instructor in the Fred Astaire chain in 2003 & 2004. His experiences have taught him how to take a new student to the level of top Pro-Am in the country! Because of Jesse and Jackie’s success in American Rhythm competition, Jesse DeSoto has become well known in the dance competitive circles.  So well known, that when the producers of “Dancing with the Stars” were looking for an additional male instructor they found Jesse and offered him a 2 year contract for the blockbuster reality show “Dancing with the Stars.”


Coaching availability is limited! Talk to your instructor or contact the studio at 973-993-9222 to schedule your personal coaching session.